General Hair Care Recommendation 

For best results, we HIGHLY recommend all/any hair products from OXG (i.e Argan Oil of Morocco set or Coconut Milk set) or Silicone Mix Shampoo & Deep treatment conditioner. SULFATE-FREE PRODUCTS ONLY

  • Argan Oil Serum or Coconut Oil Serum (for all hair types) 

  • Nairobi Mousse or Silk Elements Curl Defining Mousse  ( to activate curly or wavy hair) 

  • Wide-tooth comb (to detangle all hair types and Lace systems)

  • Cantu coconut curling cream ( for curly or wavy hair)


Spray bottle ( for curly/ wavy hair, add water to your spray bottle with our recommended conditioners, and 2 drops of coconut oil or argan oil. Shake very well and spray it on to your curly/ wavy extensions while using a wide-tooth comb to detangle before applying any curl activator.


Make sure to always use a good heat protectant to protect your hair when applying heat to your extensions or lace units 


We advise washing all hair extensions, & lace systems prior to installation. For best results, wash your hair extensions or lace systems with lukewarm water for straight hair, & warm water for wavy or curly hair. Do NOT use any hair products that contain SULFATE. When washing your hair extensions, be it curly, wavy, or straight, please make sure to use a wide-tooth comb.


For best results when conditioning your hair extensions, or lace systems; apply a generous amount of our recommended conditioner with 2 drops of coconut oil or Moroccan Argan oil on the hair whilst conditioning it. Gently comb with a wide tooth comb or use your fingers starting from the ends of the hair moving upwards. Make sure the conditioner spreads throughout the hair extensions or lace systems. Leave the conditioner overnight for best results or at least 1hr prior to washing it off. ALWAYS AIR DRY, if necessary blow dry with cold air.


REMEMBER: Do NOT apply excessive products on your hair extensions or lace systems as it will easily make it tangle, & stiff. We recommend washing and deep conditioning every two weeks to give your locks the luster it deserves. 


Chemical Treatments

If you decide to chemically treat your hair extensions, & lace systems. Please have a professional do it for you or you can request the service from us. If not, you're at your own risk for any chemical damages. We can't guarantee longevity after our products have been chemically treated.